6.5 Garden Rolls (6)
Rice Paper Wrapped with Shrimp, Cucumber, Vermicelli, Carrot, Lettuce and Basil Leaves Served with a Peanut Hoisin Sauce.
5.95 Sprint Rolls Sprint Rolls (10 Bite Size)
Crispy Wrapped with Vegetable Served with Sweet Sour Sauce
6.5 Pot Sticker (Steamed or Fried) (5)
Chicken and Vegetables Dumplings Served with Ginger Soy Sauce.
5.95 Fried Tofu (16 Bite Size)
Golden Fried Tofu Served with Sweet Sour Sauce and Ground Peanut.
5.95 Shumai (Steamed or Fried) (10)
Wonton Wrappers Filled with Shrimp and Vegetables.
5.95 Chive Pancake (2)
Thai Style Pancake Served with Chili Soy Sauce.
6.95 Satay (Chicken or Beef) (4)
Marinated (Chicken or Beef) Grilled on Bamboo Shewer Served with Peanut Sauce.
5.95 Edamame
Boiled Japanese Soybean Sprinkled with Salt.
6.95 Shrimp in the Blanket (6)
Crispy Wrapped with Seasoned Shrimp Served with Sweet Sour Sauce.
7.95 Fried Calamari
Fried Light and Crisp Served with Sweet Chili Sauce.
7.95 Crab Rangoon (6)
Crispy Wrapped with a Blend of Philadelphia Cream Cheese with Crabstick, Onion and Carrot Fried until Gold Served with Sweet Sour Sauce.
13.95 Banana Blossom Platter (5 Items)
Chicken Satay(2), Beef Satay(2), Spring Rolls(3), Fried Pot Sticker(2), Shrimp in The Blanket(2)
5.95 Ohitashi
Seasoned Spinah Topped with Sesame Seed.
6.95 Golden Chicken
Chicken Batter Fried until Crispy Brown Served with Sweet Chili Sauce.
6.95 Sweet Chili Wings (1)
Deep-Fried Chicken Wings in Delicious Sweet Chili Sauce Topped with Sesame Seed.

You can control your level of spice in your food

Mild, 1 (Spicy), 2 (Medium Spicy), 3 (Thai Spicy), 4 (Very Spicy), 5 (Extreme Spicy)

You may substitute Chicken, Duck, Beef, Pork, Shrimp, Seafood, Salmon, Tofu or Vegetable for each Entree.

Price are subjected to change without notice.

!!! Please ask server if you are allergic in some ingredients !!!

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.